Recital News May 5, 2012

My 5 2012 Start of the recital

 Part II





 Students name and Songs Played

Katie Sierra  -  America

Movies and Musicals

Brianna B       The Entertainer  Angel of Music

Katheryn K     -       Edelweiss

Halle  J   -  Some Where Over the Rainbow

Chloe Weshler   -  Puff The Magic Dragon

Juliana T   -  Pure Imagination

Max L   -  Hedwig's Theme

Tianna P   -  Harry Potter Theme



Joseph S   -  I just Can't Wait to Be King

Victoria Di F   -  Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Ellie S   -  The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Lola C  -   Part of Your World

Leah J   -  The Perfect Nanny

Alexis S   -  He's a Priate


Dedication to:

Michael M   -  I Saw Her Standing There

Sharon D   -   Eight Days A Week

Brianna S   -  Eleanor Rigby

Sharon D -  When I'm Sixty Four &  Here Comes the Sun

Suzanne D  -  Let It Be



Madison Del T -  Pizzicato Polka

Ava W  -  Overture

Julia Di F  -   Willow Tree Waltz

Scott R  -   Moonlight Sonata

Katie S  -  Toreador's

Alexis S   -   Fur Elise

Sharon D  -  Hymne


Long Island Piano Lessons would like to take this opportunity to thank;

The students for their dedication and hard work to practice during their busy schedules to make this rectal a success.

The parents for your continued support in your child's progress in the past year and in the future.

My family and friends for supporting me in my endeavors.


Also special thanks to the following people who have had an extra hand in this May Recital:

The students who assisted with introducing the piano players

Heidi Hawkins from PicSee Productions

The Steinway Gallery for hosting the recital

Our 5th Recital was performed by students

There are 2 requirements to be met in order to be in any of our recitals. They are:


1) You must take lessons for approximately 1 year (Beginners)


2) Or have prior experience (Advanced)

The sound track is attached to this website for your enjoyment. Please take a moment and enjoy some beautiful music.


We are looking forward to next year's recital with great anticipation and new students.

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